Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Car Boot Sale Bargains 5th May 2013

I thought I would share a few of the car boot sale bargains that I have found this weekend, we have two large car boot sales close to us, since my husband was off Saturday and Sunday, we treated ourselves to two :
These are just a few of the bargains we found this weekend, first and most importantly my sewing bargains shown below.
A pair of monster curtains, as soon as I saw these I thought little tote bags , so that is what they are destined to be, you can see the finished article here
The trims were from a lovely lady who used to do a lot of upholstery work at one point and no longer had the room for them.
Fabric and notions

The trims have already been used here really pleased with how they turned out, makes me think "Moroccan" for some reason

Also really pleased with this little table, we have been after a little drinks table for the garden and this was perfect for £1.00

Thrifted wooden garden table

As the old saying goes "one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Another item I haven't photographed but that I was really pleased with was a Power Rangers duvet and curtain set for my middle son for three pounds , he currently loves them. We don't need the curtains as his room has velux blinds but they are cotton and perfect for pyjama making. I will share these at a later stage as I will need to draw the pattern for these so may take a few weeks to fit them in.
Other bargains included brand new branded make up for 50p , threading beads, plasticine and how could I forget the Power Rangers book for 20p, so all in all a good haul.
I hope this has inspired you to do a spot of bargain hunting yourself.

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