Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Exciting new handmade creations and custom orders

Recently I have been looking at my Etsy shop again and looking to see where I can improve sales, and after doing this numerous times of doing tis and revamping the conclusion I have come to is I need to offer items that are as individual as the customer that is going to buy them.

I have been looking at new product ranges to give me that usp ( Unique selling point).

I generally used recycled fabrics to create items such as the bag below, that in itself is a little different but not truly unique

The first of these developments has been sewing patterns, I create my own when creating items for my shop, so partly as a record for me and in order to offer other people the opportunity to have a go at creating lovely items for themselves.

The second development for the shop is free motion embroidery items, now these are unique as I am drawing with the sewing machine, this in itself creates a unique product such as this purse.

Now that is unique enough I hear you say, well for me no, I always want to go that one step further, and thanks to a couple of enquiries regarding a product in my Etsy shop, I have decided to start offering custom orders, the custom orders option is now enabled in my Etsy shop .

Here is the item that inspired the questions


A free motion embroidered octopus on a zip pouch, the drawing behind it is actually a quick sketch with a Sharpie that I did before embroidering the purse with the octopus design.
The questions I have been asked is can I do an embroidered purse from a child's picture, now this is truly a unique item, so in the next few weeks I will be setting up a custom listing for this purpose in my Etsy shop .
All designs will remain the property of the customer and will not be reproduced or used for advertising purposes without express agreement between you the customer and Martisanne Handmade.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Etsy UK TV Advert

Have you seen the Etsy UK tv advert ? If not take a look , it really captures the spirit of Etsy and it's sellers .

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A new member of the sewing team

You can see a picture of my sewing/crafting room in the sidebar, but here is a picture of where all the Martisanne Handmade Creations are made just in case you missed it.

Doesn't it look tidy ? , I can assure you at this present moment in time, it certainly does not look like this , sewers and crafty people are messy people it is in our nature , why get one fabric out when you can get out ten and ribbon and buttons and lace to go with it.

You can see the team there on the desk a Janome sewing machine and overlocker, which work just fine.
Recently though I have been doing a lot of free motion embroidery and sometimes finding with some thicker fabrics my Janome has struggled a little it is after all a domestic sewing machine not an industrial.
Another bugbear of mine was swapping from the darning foot to the standard foot, the darning foot is not clip on like the others but screw in, not difficult but when you just want to get on and create an extra step you could just do without.
So to counter these issues , meet the new member of the team "Jones"

Jones is an early birthday present from my husband, the plan is to leave one machine set up for embroidery the other for standard sewing.

It is not my birthday yet but I have been having a play with Jones and after initial hiccups and frustration of not threading him properly due to a lack of manual we are up and running.
I would say by the speed and power that Jones sews,  he is semi industrial , certainly weighs a tonne, I have Googled various Jones sewing machine images and not found one the same, and I cannot find a model number anywhere on the machine, I have looked underneath round the back, down the side , can anyone help me out ?, do you have one of these or have had one of these and know the model number, I would love to hear from you if you do.

Well toodlepip for now Jones and I are off to get up to some creative craftyness


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