Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Martisanne handmade, new products

At the beginning of this year I started ordering more supplies to widen the arrange available at Martisanne Handmade
I have been ordering magnetic snaps, more keyring rings, and brooch pins,and been working on patterns for some new products.

I love the shape of a butterfly it is so recognisable but can vary so much and still easily be identified as a butterfly , giving each butterfly shape real character , so with this in mind I have been creating butterfly brooches and hanging fabric decorations, which are currently available to purchase in my Etsy shop

Fabric butterflies handmade

Do you like what I did with the moving pictures ?, a little montage of my butterflies, for those like me that are not technically gifted , I used a free downloadable photo editing programme called PhotoScape, I use this for all my photo editing and created this Gif( mini movie) of the butterflies using this programme, easy to do and free.

And what have I been doing with the key ring rings I hear you ask ? The pictures below are what I have been creating so far but there are lots of ideas that haven't made it to the sewing machine yet, so keep an eye out for those coming up soon.

Fabric keyrings handmade


  1. I really love your butterflies they are just too adorable! Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To find out what you have to do simply visit my blog. Everything you need to know is on there! My blog is www.lifehappens2011.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you , I really enjoyed making the butterflies, and thank you for the nomination , I will take a look at your blog .



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