Monday, April 28, 2014

Sewing patterns and sewing tutorials in my Etsy shop

I mentioned  previously that I was starting a new range of products at Martisanne Handmade, a range of downloadable sewing patterns.

Well I have been working on those, they are not an easy option , they take time , coming up with the design, trying it out to find the best measurements, the best way to construct the item and then after all that there is the photograph taking, the note making and the final write up of instructions and digitizing the actual pattern pieces.

As you can see a lot of hard work goes into one little inoffensive looking sewing pattern.

So why do I do it, why create sewing patterns , there are a number of reasons and this is by no means an exhaustive list, so here are 6 of my best.

1. The most obvious , so that I can sell them, I am a business and would  very much like one day to make a        profit.

2. I love sewing and would like to share that love for sewing with others in a non scary easy to follow way.

3. I mentioned I love sewing, yep I think you got that , but what I don't love sewing the same thing over and

4. I love creating new things, working out a new idea for a product this is time consuming, creating patterns
    is a way to make that time an investment.

5. I mentioned I need to create new products not just the same old same old, but when I have created them
    what do I do with the measurements I have on a scrappy bit of paper , my head isn't big enough to
    store them all so sewing patterns are a great way to force myself into a filing system

6. About those scrappy bits of paper, I also can't remember where I stuffed them so 5b really.

7. The real number 6 , I also love learning new skills ,in  creating these sewing patterns I taught myself to           digitize sewing patterns using Inkscape , so yay a new skill under the belt .

So as you can see they may be time consuming, but there is a lot of benefit to be had from creating these little sewing patterns, and I will remind myself of this next time I am on page 15 writing a sewing pattern and I feel like my eyeballs are falling out.

I will leave you with a snap shot of my Etsy shop , with the sewing patterns already available, remember they are instant download so no postage fees and no waiting for them to arrive so instant gratification.

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