Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Digital Printables, a new crafty adventure.

If you follow me on social media , Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or pop into my Etsy shop or follow me here on the blog, you will know that although I love sewing and that is mostly what you will find in my Etsy shop, I also love all kinds of crafts and crafty things.

With this thought in mind I have been expanding the range of items available in my Etsy shop, you might remember here , I was creating sewing patterns , still available to purchase in my Etsy shop, I also have been enjoying creating jewellery with these fabric pendants.

Following on from the pendants I have been getting crafty on the computer and creating my own digital printables that can be used in creating pendants, bottle cap jewellery, magnets, key rings and scrapbooking to name but a few.

I have been having great fun with these graphics programmes Inkscape and Gimp both of which are free powerful graphics programmes, although I admit what I can do in Gimp is limited and I do find Inkscape easier to use. Using both of these programmes I have created two digital printable PDF files available to purchase in my Etsy shop, both of which contain 1 inch round printable images.

The digital printable sheets both have a different theme, and yes you guessed it, the first one is sewing themed and here it is , but please note the online pictures are a low resolution to prevent theft.

You can purchase this collage sheet for personal and commercial use.
And the other pdf I have been working on is a different theme altogether, it contains , original art paintings , hand painted by myself, a cat, a giraffe and lovers kissing at sunset, and you might recognise the fourth picture , you may have met him somewhere before , possibly here.
You can purchase this collage sheet again for personal and commercial use.
As you can see two totally different styles of art , one computer created the other created by hand and computer , but both resulting in similar but very different products.
I am really pleased with how these collage sheets have turned out, I am not a graphic designer by trade or training, the skills I have are all self taught, just one of the many things owning an Etsy shop has taught me.
I look forward to creating more digital art for my Etsy shop, along with sewing patterns and maybe some crafty tutorials, you never know you might even see some of my crochet popping up in my shop.

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