Monday, April 22, 2013

Car Boot Sales, What are they ?

Before I start sharing my makes finds and ideas, I thought it might be best to first explain what a car boot sale is as there are many people who may not have experienced one.
A car boot sale consists of an organised event , of everyday people mostly selling off unwanted items, you will find everything from toys to toiletries to clothes and ornaments and craft items dvds and books and much much more. You will generally see car boots local to you advertised in local newspapers and they usually run from Spring to Autumn as they are generally outdoors , on a field or a car park.
As a seller you will be expected to pay a fee that will be advertised and will vary from event to event , our local ones charge approx. £6.00, as a buyer you will have to pay for entry, a small nominal fee our local ones charge 50p each but children and oaps are free .
You will also find what I refer to "traders" at car boot sales , people selling generally food and household items, discontinued lines, items nearing there best before dates and items with damaged packaging, these too can be a treasure trove of finds and moneysaving .
Facilities will vary from sale to sale but they will almost definitely have toilet facilities, generally portaloos , and usually a food and drink outlet ,which will vary from event to event but generally a burger van and ice cream van or something along those lines.
In the next post I will cover what to pack to take to a car boot sale to make your visit comfortable and economical and I will also be posting soon a little car boot etiquette guide.

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  1. Now I learned something new! I wish we had car boot sales here in the US where I currently live. While I lived in England a couple of years ago, I didn't have much time (due to a time consuming job..) to explore and find them.
    Thanks for explaining,




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