Saturday, April 20, 2013


I thought to start my little venture into blog land, I had best introduce myself ,my name is Anne and I live in the Midlands in the UK, with my husband and three children. I love sewing clothes, bags, purses and much more some of these makes can be found in my Etsy shop, if you click on the above tab that will take you there if you want to take a peak around the door.

In my sewing for both my shop and home, I mostly use upcycled fabrics and fabric remnants, I find this gives me the freedom to create something truly individual.
I love scouring charity shops and car boot sales for bargains to recycle and upcycle , alter or just a bargain to use as it is .

>My motto is "If it's not cheap and it's not free I don't want it and I shall wait till it is ".

I hope to share with you in this little blog some of the bargains that I find in car boot sales and charity shops, and the recycling I do with them , or upcycling items from around the house.

In doing this I hope to give you some ideas of items that can be bought cheaply and re-used and or used as they are, and give you some ideas on upcycling other items from around the house to give a new look that only costs a little more than your time.

We shall just see where this blog road goes and hopefully give you some ideas and save you some money along the way.

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