Tuesday, July 09, 2013

How to make fabric covered buttons tutorial

Last weekend we had a little wander through our local car boot sale and found this

Fabric covered buttoons set
Fabric covered buttons set

I was chuffed to tiny pieces, I have never tinkered with fabric covered buttons before, so I thought I would share with you the how to, and also I have a real brooch making thang going on at the moment, so the buttons came along at just the right time.

What you will need is the following

Fabric to cover your button
Button, this comes in 2 parts front and back
Button covering tool , again 2 parts , a cup like piece and a smaller presser type piece
Pen or pencil

Fabric covered buttons supplies
Fabric covered buttons supplies

First grab your scrap of fabric and your button top, this is the slightly domed piece of the button, you want to place this on your fabric, wrong side of the fabric facing up, and draw around the button leaving a good seam allowance around, for example my button was 1 inch in diameter and my circle was 2 inches in diameter.
Cut the circle of fabric out.

Fabric covered buttons preparation
Fabric covered buttons preparation

Now place your fabric centrally right side facing down inside the larger cup part of the covering tool as shown below

Fabric covered buttons tutorial

And place your button front dome side facing down on top of the fabric, you can see there is enough fabric to tuck inside the button

How to make fabric covered buttons

Tuck the fabric toward centre and place your button back on top, pin side facing up

Sorry the next bit was too tricky to photograph as I was on my own and needed both hands. Use the other part of the covering tool to force the back down onto the front of the button, you may need to press quite hard and will feel a bit of a pop when they are together.
And there you have it one covered button

Finished fabric covered button
Finished fabric covered button

And for the observant among you, my button covering tool does not possess magical fabric altering qualities, nor is it a mini time machine leaping through space and time, I forgot to photograph the finished button before I used it so photographed another for you to see the end result.

As you can see below I have gone a bit mad with the covered buttons and have been making beautiful Summer brooches for my Etsy shop,take a look what do you think ?
Handmade fabric flower brooches

You can have a look at my other handmade goodies available to buy by looking in my Etsy shop


  1. I've never made fabric covered buttons but, this would be great for using up scrap materials and having pretty buttons. Drop by and share your crafts sometime @DearCreatives Theresa

    1. Thank you Theresa for the invite, yes it is a great way to use up scraps , I hate to waste anything, I am thinking of maybe embroidering some fabric first to make the fabric buttons as an alternative way of doing them .



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