Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our little holiday in Devon, United Kingdom

I thought I would share with you some of the beautiful scenery we came across on our holiday last week, we had a week in the South of England in Devon in a lovely secluded cabin in the woods
Dragonfly Devon United Kingdom

We found this little fella clinging to the cabin door frame munching on a little bumblebee

Hallsands Devon United Kingdom

This is a little abandoned village called Hallsands, part of which has fallen into the sea, you can read all about it here

Devon Beach

A lovely picture of the coastline, it was a bit misty on this day, I just thought the parked up bikes looked so lovely sat there.

Stream in Devon United Kingdom

This little stream was at the bottom of the road from where we were staying ,you could hear it at night.

Sorry it is such a fleeting visit today but the school holidays are upon us and my role in life has now been extended to chief entertainment officer, for all of those with children also at home during the school holidays, I salute you and wish you luck, until next time ......

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