Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Upcycling tiny fabric scraps and jewellery making

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A bit of an unscheduled blog post , but I am really excited about a new line I am creating in my shop so wanted to share, plus the vapours from the Epoxy glue may have infiltrated my brain.
I have started venturing into fabric jewellery making, yaaay, what's not to love fabric and jewellery combined.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few weeks ago I ordered some new supplies , pendant trays and cabochon glass tiles , only one type and size at the moment to see how things go, as being a small business I just can't afford the outlay of a 1000 different types of supplies , as much as I would love to.
This little foray started with a small piece of fabric I found in a charity shop, a lovely print with such pretty flowers but too small really to make much from but too pretty not to take home, so off it came with me, where I had this little idea of making it into jewellery , it's beauty forever frozen behind a glass tile.
So here is the story of my fabric pendants, first I gathered my supplies, you can see just how cute the fabric is and why I had to have it.

Fabric jewellery making supplies
Supplies at the ready

And a closer look at the floralicious fabrilicious flowers on the fabric.

Floral fabric for pendants
The pendants have been handmade by me , hand cutting the circle of card that backs the fabric, hand cutting and individually selecting the area of the fabric to go into the pendant.
The pendants are then constructed using a strong glue to bond all the layers together and you have the finished result , individual original floral fabric pendants , preserving that tiny scrap of fabric that would have ended up in the bin.

These pendants really show what my Etsy shop is about, handmade and constructed , and using up bits that would normally go to waste , upcycling and giving a tiny little scrap of fabric 1 inch in diameter a new lease of life.

These pendants will be available for sale in the shop shortly .

Floral fabric pendants
Finished pendants


  1. Wow! These pendants are really cute. I love the floral fabric. Look forward to see them online :)

    1. Thank you so much, I am quite fussy and a bit of a perfectionist so I need to make sure they are perfect before putting them in my Etsy shop, I was so excited about them that the glue had barely dried before I blogged it :-)

  2. Hi there! So glad you shared your blog with me and I look forward to following your journey! The pendants are SO cute! Hugs! Shay (Mirabel & Me)

    1. Thank you so much Shay , I look forward to sharing my journey with you .



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