Monday, August 05, 2013

The Martisanne household has just increased by three !!!

As the title says we have just increased our household by three, we are a household of 2 adults, 3 children, 10 chickens, numerous fish , mosquito lavae my son has caught and is growing in a sea monkey container, the daddy long legs that keeps walking across the television when I get to the interesting bit in a film, the occasional hair pets that come home from school, and now we have managed to squeeze in another three newcomers

This is their home, can you guess who they are ?

Small animal hutch

Another clue

Guinea pig hutch

Have you guessed yet ?

Guinea pig

And a front view

Guinea pig front view

Have you got it yet , even though they keep trying to hide

Guinea pig

Yeeeeeeahhhhhhh you got it, we have three shiny new 7 week old guinea pigs

Pair of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs 7 weeks old

Yup cardboard tube for tea again

Guinea pig eating tea

We have 3 little boys, one cow print and two sandy coloured guinea pigs, promise we do have three even though I only seem to be able to get two in a shot at a time, we are all really excited about our new additions to the family, so much so that my daughter is insisting hers is a girl and has informed me that her guinea pig NEEDS a dress and you are allowed to put them in dresses and she will pick which fabric it will be made from, G-Force has a lot to answer for :-)

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