Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to make a funky little rag wreath tutorial

I have a little project for you that can keep little fingers and big fingers busy ,you will need the following :

Scraps of fabric (How much depends on how big you want your wreath to be )
A steel hoop or coathanger to make into one, or you could use a ready made wicker one or even cut one out of stiff card
Small length of ribbon to use as the hanger

First cut up some scraps of fabric , or recycle old clothes use whatever you have available , my hoop was approx. 4 1/2 inches in diameter so I cut my scraps 1 inch wide x approx. 7 inches long.

Fabric strips for rag wreath
Cut fabric strips for rag wreath

Grab your hoop, mine was part of a dream catcher set that was too complicated for my children to do, but you could use a coathanger and cut it carefully and re-shape it , or you could make a hoop from really thick card, it doesn't even have to be circular you could make it heart shaped , or if you are feeling really adventurous you could go for a star shape.
Grab a strip of fabric and tie it in a simple knot around the hoop, so that you have equal amounts of fabric either side of the knot with your fabric strips faced outwards and the knot on the inside of the hoop.

rag wreath tutorial
Rag wreath tutorial tying the fabric strips

And you just carry on doing the same thing over with more fabric strips ,pushing them together as you go

Rag wreath part way done
Rag wreath partway done

Some of the strips I am using on the blue and green area little un-uniform in length, I will see how I feel when I have finished this one but I may trim down some of the strips with scissors, it is your wreath so just go with the flow add in the colours you want and if the strips are a little long or straggly , just give them a haircut.

To finish off the wreath use a strip of cord or ribbon and knot it around the hoop to form a hanger to hang your wreath by.Here is a pink wreath I finished earlier

Finished pink rag wreath pink
Finished pink rag wreath

I would love to see any that you have made , so go mad make them in every colour , size and shape, and they are great to make with the kids , please do the cutting for younger ones to be safe and have fun :-)


  1. Super cute - I can see doing this in orange for halloween! I need something for my front door and this looks perfect!

    1. Thankyou , glad you like it , you could do one for almost any occasion, if you wanted to do a larger one I have seen a suggestion to use a swimming noodle from a Pound shop and tape it into a circle shape as the base



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