Tuesday, September 03, 2013

How to make a DIY jewellery organiser for next to nothing

Following on from my cherub hunting for the soon to be new theme in the Martisanne bedroom, I have been pondering for a while the problem of my jewellery and this really falls into two parts, I need it displayed so I can easily see what I have and secondly I need it stored in such a way as it does not take up more surface space, so I started googling and came across this awesome idea here so I set about making an earring display myself.
Being a bit of a hoarder it did not take long to source the required items, I had a large pine picture frame that had long since lost it's glass and plenty of leftover chicken wire from making our chicken run, my trusty silver spray paint and every diyers staple a heavy duty staple gun (lame joke I know).

First place your picture frame over your chicken wire and cut your chicken wire just slightly larger than your frame to allow room for stapling, I used wire cutters for cutting the chicken wire.

Jewellery organiser supplies
Jewellery organiser supplies

Now staple your chicken wire to the back of your frame ,using a heavy duty staple gun taking care to ensure the wire is stretched tight and not baggy

Diy jewellery organiser
Staple wire to the frame

Now clip off the excess chicken wire carefully with your wire cutters so that it does not show at the front of your frame

Clipping excess wire from frame
Clipping excess wire from frame

I wanted my jewellery organiser silver so I sprayed it with my silver spray paint

Diy jewellery organiser painting
Painting the diy jewellery organiser

And here you have it , a brilliant way to organise and display your earrings, just hang them off the wire, as I mentioned previously I can't take credit for the idea I originally found it here but wanted to share my making of my own earring display, jewellery organiser.

Finished jewellery organiser

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