Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to make a jewellery organiser part two

Following on from this post here, we have been making an organizer in the Martisanne household for my many necklaces and bracelets , again I can't take the credit for these, the idea is from this from here
All you will need is a pole or two, I use two hanging rails from an old wardrobe, kept as you never know when they will come in handy to upcycle, and for each pole you will need two hooks , one for each end of the pole , the hooks we used were about £1.50 for a pack of two in our local hardware store.

The hooks we used were a little small so we opened them up to allow the pole to be a little looser fitting resting in the hook.

Screw your hooks into the wall, where you want your pole to go, one at each end, slide your bracelets and necklaces onto the pole(s)and rest your poles on the hooks, and you have a necklace/bracelet holder.

diy jewellery organiser
Diy jewellery organiser

This is a perfect way to store your necklaces and bracelets to keep them tangle free and you can see exactly what you have.

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